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StripLoader Hybrid Strips

6-shot StripLoader Combo

 QuickLoad 38 Spl/357 Mag StripLoaders are a new Patent Pending hybrid between standard (linear) strip-type speedloaders and round-type speedloaders. They are 33% faster than standard strip-type speedloaders to use on both 5-shot and 6-shot revolvers, have an improved cartridge retention system that makes them easier to load without fear of cartridge strip-off, are more ergonomic and "pocketable" than comparable round speedloaders, and have a simple one-piece design with no knobs to twist.  No fine motor skills required.   Proudly Made In The USA

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RoundLoader speedloaders

RoundLoader speedloader

QuickLoad 38 Spl/357 Mag RoundLoaders are a new Patented  round-type speedloader. They are easy to use with only one moving part and NO KNOBS to twist.  To use, present the speedloader to the revolver cylinder, slide the cartridges into the chambers, and keep pushing.  The RoundLoader gives tactile and audible feedback to let you know that the cartridges are positively loaded.  No jiggling.  No depending on gravity.  No fine motor skills required.  Designed and Law Enforcement tested for 5-shot compact revolvers, they have a unique cartridge retention system that makes them easier to load and eject, are more ergonomic, "pocketable", and fit your gun better than comparable round speedloaders. QuickLoad RoundLoaders mate with QuickLoad QuickCases to create a compact, comfortable, protective, and accessable carry system for pocket or purse.  Proudly Made In The USA.

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QuickLoad QuickCases are Patent Pending and are designed for the 38 Spl/357 Mag StripLoader and RoundLoader speedloaders.  These QuickCases take a flat format strip or a round format loader and turn it into a truly pocket or purse ready backup accessory.  

All  QuickCases are semi-transparent to view the status of the loaded cartridges inside, are a simple one-piece design, protect cartridges from keys, change and debris, prevent cartridges from being inadvertently stripped-off the speedloader, keep the loads quiet from clinking or clanking against other items, and allow quick access when reloads are needed.  The RoundLoader QuickCase also fits the compact 5-shot speedloaders made by HKS, Safariland, Speed Beez, and 5 Star.  Proudly Made In The USA.

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Customer Reviews

(6-shot StripLoader Combo pack)

"Very nice alternative to the standard strip loaders.  Works well in both my GP100 and SW 27." - Matt

(5-shot StripLoader Combo pack)

"This is a substantial improvement over the round cylinders that rattle in pocket or carrier.  Easy to load and the cover keeps the bullets from rattling or collecting dust.  Awesome and easy to use." - MesaEdge


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